Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a political analyst, author and conservative political operative who has appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBC, Global Television and CTV, as well as a guest on various radio programs around the world. She writes a weekly syndicated political column for Human Events. Previously with Sun Media, she has contributed to publications such as the New York Post, Washington Times/United Press International, Newsmax Media and the Vancouver Sun. Marsden has written a twice-weekly political column for the National Post – one of Canada’s two national newspapers - with one weekly column about national/international politics, and the other about Toronto/Ontario affairs.


She is the CEO of GrandCentralPolitical Syndicate, Talent and Magazine. Her first book about politics will be published in 2009.

Rachel's Previous Columns


The Underwear Index and Other Signs You’re Going Broke - September 7, 2009


Burqinis: Now Muslims Know How Michael Phelps Feels - August 24, 2009


What Obama’s Vacation Tells Us - August 17, 2009


Obama Favorability Falls Below Bush at Same Point in Presidency - August6 3, 2009


For Women: Natural Selection in the Political Jungle - July 28, 2009


Facebook Advice for Politicians - July 13, 2009


How to Be a Horny Politician . . . and Survive - July 6, 2009


How George W. Bush and the American Taxpayer Helped Change Iran - June 26, 2009


The United Nations Honors the Very Best In Environmental Uselessness - June 22, 2009


The Poor Holocaust Museum Terrorist: No Reason for the Left to Love Him - June 12, 2009


From Susan Boyle to Hitler: Why Some Simply Can’t Hack Fame - June 5, 2009


Queen Not Invited to Obama-Sarkozy D-Day Date - May 29, 2009


Obama: Not the First Head of State to Design Cars - May 22, 2009


Lessons From a Beauty Pageant - May 18, 2009


‘Change’ and the International Obama Copycats - May 8, 2009


World Panics Over New Media-Borne Virus - May 1, 2009


Soldiers Returning Home to Fight the ‘War On Douchebags’ - April 24, 2009


Obama the European vs. Sarkozy the American - April 20, 2009


French Workers Shut Down Eiffel Tower: A Preview of Socialism - April 13, 2009


Hang Onto Your Wallets, Here Comes the EU! - March 6, 2009


From Hollywood to Fuglywood D.C., the Political Oscar Goes To . . . - March 2, 2009


It’s Mourning In America, But Here’s How To Survive - February 20, 2009


Joe Biden: Rain Man of the Democratic Party - February 13, 2009


Comrade Obama Sticks It to the Foreign Proletariat - February 9, 2009


Bailout Greed Brings France to a Standstill - January 30, 2009


Obama Inaugural Address: The Best President In the History of the Entire World - January 23, 2009


Prince Harry for King - January 16, 2009


The Biggest Lies About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - January 9, 2009


Top 10 Political Stories to Watch For In 2009 - January 5, 2009


Canada Too! Conservative PM Harper Has Cash for the Big Three, Rogering for Taxpayers - December 26, 2008


Stephen Harper’s Choice: New Conservative Leader, or Big Three Bailout Joiner - December 19, 2008


The Endless Global Warming Sitcom - December 12, 2008


Absence of Bailout Brings Liberal Coup In Canada - December 5, 2008


Obama Appoints University of Starbucks Economic Department - November 28, 2008


Obama Upsets French, Arabs; Everyone Else To Follow As ‘Work’ Commences - November 21, 2008


Al Gore for Secretary of State! - November 14, 2008


To The Back Of The Bus! - November 5, 2008


Like OMG, Is Michael Phelps Still Running For President? - November 4, 2008


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