Dan Calabrese
Editor in Chief
The co-founder of North Star Writers Group, Dan is a veteran newspaper and magazine journalist and opinion writer.
Angie Calabrese
Editor Relations
Angie works with editors across the country to answer their questions, meet their needs and help optimize their value in working with North Star Writers Group.
North Star Writers Group is a family-owned company with a serious commitment to journalistic excellence. Our editors serve the cause of quality control, deadline enforcement, fact-checking and subscriber service. We have worked in and around journalism for more than 20 years, and founded North Star Writers Group for the purpose of providing excellent content that is easy to access and always reliable.
We are easy to reach, quick to respond and committed to doing it right. And we are the owners of the company, so no one has more stake in your satisfaction than we do.
Op-Ed Writers
Eric Baerren
Lucia de Vernai
Herman Cain
Dan Calabrese
Bob Franken
Lawrence J. Haas
Paul Ibrahim
Rob Kall
David Karki
Gregory D. Lee
David B. Livingstone
Bob Maistros
Rachel Marsden
Rachel Marsden
Nathaniel Shockey
Stephen Silver
Candace Talmadge
Jessica Vozel
Jamie Weinstein
Brett Noel
Feature Writers
Mike Ball
Bob Batz
Cindy Droog
The Laughing Chef
David J. Pollay
Business Writers
D.F. Krause