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July 14, 2008

Phil Gramm is Right: Americans Whine in Tune with Democratic Songbook


Former Senator Phil Gramm got it right. Most of our economic woes are a figment of our whiny imaginations.


And that’s exactly the imagination the mainstream media and the Democratic leaders in Congress want you to have, because it feeds their theme of Bush hate, and that everything is Bush’s and the Republicans’ fault.


The mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress have been trying to talk the country into a recession ever since they won control of Congress in 2006. In fact, the Democrats won on the backs of a slowing economy and a necessary but unpopular war.


The Democrats promised a “new direction”. Well here it is!


They have whined about the economy being in a recession even though we have not experienced one negative quarter of GDP growth since they have had control. It takes two consecutive quarters of negative growth for most economists to call it a recession. Since that has not happened, the media and the Democrats have declared a psychological recession.


That fits the description of a figment of their whiny imaginations.


As we started to approach $4 per gallon as the average price of gasoline, the Democrats worked feverishly for someone to blame other than the inaction of Congress. First, they tried to blame it on the rich oil companies making too much money. Then they tried to blame it on the oil company executives. OPEC was the next target of blame with a toothless resolution to file a lawsuit against them. Then they tried to blame oil speculators.  


None of these efforts have produced one ounce of substance, let alone any solutions, just more whiny imaginations. But they have not stopped there!


Since the progress in Iraq has been undeniable by most reasonable observers, and Iraq is no longer a major target of their whining and blame game, Congressman Dennis Kucinich has restarted the “let’s impeach President Bush” business for getting us into the war in the first place.


So far his whiny impeachment tactic has not gotten much traction with the mainstream media, because Jesse Jackson unintentionally grabbed the media attention.


I am really not disappointed in the Democratic leaders in Congress. I should have expected it based on their history. They have offered not one solution to anything since getting elected on their “new direction”.


But I was disappointed that John McCain threw Sen. Gramm under the bus for stating the truth. I had hopes that Gramm might be considered for a cabinet position in a McCain administration, since Gramm has helped McCain develop his economic proposals.


I suppose McCain was trying to not offend the whiners who have been victimized by the Democrats and mainstream media. McCain's campaign is badly in need of some excitement, but trying to appease the whiners is not the ticket, and it only encourages the whiners to whine even more.


The preamble to the Constitution establishes as one of government’s roles to "promote the general welfare". It does not promise to "provide for the general welfare".

The Department of Happy is not in the Constitution, so the whiners should just stop whining. 


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