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May 5, 2008

Substance is Beef, But the Mainstream Media Gives Us Weak Vegetable Soup


A good country style vegetable soup has lots of fresh vegetables, a thick beef broth and plenty of beef chunks. It’s a meal in a bowl.


A bowl of vegetable soup with only a few vegetables, a thin beef broth, and not a chunk of beef to be found is disappointing, and you are still hungry.


That was most of the mainstream media headlines last week. As always they covered the natural disasters and tragic happenings well, but did very little to give people any sense of hope that the sky was not falling.


Here are my headlines.


Gasoline prices are going to continue to go up. Food prices are going to continue to go up. All consumer goods are going to continue to go up. Government spending is going to continue to go up. Hot air out of Congress is going to continue to go up, and the Earth is not melting.


Home prices are going to stabilize. The financial markets are going to stabilize. The national economy is going to stabilize. And there will not be a world food crisis.


The Democratic presidential nominating race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is going to continue all the way to their convention in August, because the media will extend Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s 15 minutes of fame. 


All of these headlines are inter-related and based on the same root cause.




The cost of everything will go up because the cost of oil will go up. The cost of oil will go up because world demand will continue to go up, and OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) said so.


OPEC’s president, Chakib Khelil, predicted that oil will hit $200 per barrel. I believe him since OPEC is the undisputed leading indicator of oil prices in the world, and since the United States has remained an OPIC (Oil Pitiful Importing Country) for the last 30 years.


The housing market, financial markets and our national economy will stabilize because OPEC does not control them directly, yet. We still control the largest and most resilient economy in the world, because the U.S. consumers are still the most resilient and creative people in the world despite an impotent Congress.


Congress holds useless hearings on things that produce no solutions or strategic insight into the major issues our nation faces. For instance, Sen. Hillary Clinton wants another investigation into possible gasoline price manipulation by the oil companies. A 2006 Federal Trade Commission Report determined that there was no beef to that suspicion.


Congress is now holding hearings on food prices to determine if there should be a windfall profits tax on the food companies that make grits, even though the instability in food prices started in 2005 with Congress’s mandate for ethanol to be mixed into the nation’s gasoline supply.


But our resilience is wearing thin with the help of tree huggers, socialist politicians who call themselves “progressives” and no coordinated plans whatsoever to even get on a path to energy independence.


As our resilience wears thin, our national security becomes threatened because of our vulnerability to oil. This makes our Islamic fascist enemies happy, and some of them live right here in the United States.


We need not ask “Where’s the beef?” in Congress or among the Democratic presidential hopefuls, because there is none. At least John McCain is starting to show some signs of substance with his recently discussed ideas for the economy and health care reform.


The mainstream media hardly noticed.


Too many of them are political vegetarians.


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