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April 7, 2008

Congratulations Negative Thinkers; Now What?

“Workers’ pink slips stacked ever higher in March as jittery employers slashed 80,000 jobs, the most in five years, and the national unemployment rate climbed to 5.1 percent.” – Jeannine Aversa, Associated Press, April 5, 2008.


The mainstream media, Democratic leaders in Congress, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and negative economic elites have talked employers into an “employment recession”. More than nine months of recession obsession has caused jittery employers to slash 230,000 jobs in the first three months of 2008.


Even though the national economy is not in a technical recession of two consecutive quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, it may not be far behind these three consecutive months of negative job growth.


Some of the negative job growth is undoubtedly due to issues in the housing, construction, mortgage and transportation industries. But this writer believes that a major portion of the job losses are due to media pessimism, and employers who have swallowed the negative outlook and have hesitated to fill existing jobs or new positions.


Thanks, negative thinkers. Now what?


As expected, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton has blamed the Bush Administration while offering no solutions other than more government handouts. Barack Obama has suggested that we need another pitiful stimulus package. It’s pitiful because if people actually get those checks for a few hundred dollars, it might be enough to cover the increase in their annual gasoline and energy bills due to the increase of the price of oil.


None of those spewing hot air about the problems are offering any real solutions, which begin with making the existing tax rates permanent, reducing regulatory restrictions on oil exploration and refining on domestic territory, and replacing our archaic tax code, which is driving jobs and businesses out of this country like a rocket booster.


In other words, their answer to “Now what?” is “We don’t know”.


The mainstream media is genetically negative. Democrats are negative purely for potential gains in political power. The so-called economic elites – economists and analysts who work for investment and banking firms – are negative because they want to be the first to predict bad news.


All of these constituencies of negativity know that most of the public are clueless to the realities of a free market system, and the economic impact of the world supply and demand of oil. The clueless part of the public is waiting for an economic messiah, a new federal Department of Happy or a new stimulus package from la-la land.


My outlook for the future of the economy is in the day-to-day hard work of regular folk working to pay their bills, reduce their debt, save for their future, run their businesses and every once in a while take a little time off to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor.


They are not the negative thinkers. They are the ones that find new jobs, create new businesses and constantly look for new opportunities in the greatest country in the world.


They are the ones who want government to get out of the way.


Those are my folk. “We be” the positive thinkers.


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