Kyla Spears
Often frustrated in her search for meaning and fulfillment in her life, Kyla has valued her long-time friendship with Clay and Murphy. A talented artist - young-looking and pretty - she has maintained her own lifestyle outside the trio of friends, often giving herself over to the indulgences her friends avoid. But after a failed marriage and a variety of unsatisfying relationships, Kyla is finding it harder to love herself, and is starting to wonder if the perpetually platonic nature of her friendship with Clay and Murphy might really represent something unappealing about her.
Vital statistics
Age: 36
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Hair: Blonde, short-to-medium, straight, slightly highlighted
Relationship status: Divorced from Craig Frankel. Occasionally sees Mike Oster, but not officially in a relationship. Willing to be sexually adventurous.
Career: Day job on staff at a professional services company. Pursuing an art career as a painter.
Clay Bender
Murphy Soles