Clay Bender
Tall, handsome and athletic, 36-year-old Clay Bender is a successful independent businessman living in his hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan. But he is haunted by the night 20 years ago when he observed the presence of demons during a high school party. Having sworn off his entire social life to avoid a repeat incident, he clings to his closest remaining friends, Murphy Soles and Kyla Spears. Never married, and definitely reticent about commitment, Clay nevertheless displays a strong moral sense and a generous nature, along with a fierce loyalty to his friends.
Vital statistics
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180
Hair: Light brown, slightly long
Relationship status: Single, dates frequently. Prefers younger women. Decidedly averse to commitment.
Career: Independent businessman of an unspecified discipline. Quite successful and financially stable.
Murphy Soles
Kyla Spears