Royal Oak, Michigan may be trendy and eclectic, but it is also one of southeast Michigan's premier bedroom communities for raising families, embracing recreation and experiencing the richness of civic life.

With a population of just over 60,000, Royal Oak stands as Michigan's 18th largest city in terms of population. In recent years, the revitalization of the city's downtown has inspired the influx of younger residents who embrace the nightlife, shops and cultural offerings of the city.

But the core of Royal Oak's population remains its families, often spanning several generations who have settled and stayed because of the community's quality of life and cultural richness.

Cutting through the heart of the city is the Canadian National (formerly Grand Trunk and Western) railroad, whose majestic concrete viaducts are familiar fixtures in almost every Royal Oak neighborhood. For the Royal Oak lifer, the sound of the train's horn piercing the quiet of the night is as natural as gentle whisper of a breeze for most people.

Recognizable landmarks like the National Shrine of the Little Flower, and high-profile events like the Woodward Dream Cruise, are among Royal Oak's signature identifiers - along with the majestic oak trees that line the city's distinctive neighborhoods.