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September 10, 2008

Shatter Stability With Vegetables for Breakfast


Breakfast is that one meal of the day when most people expect something to keep them steady. It comes at that time in the day when people are usually between someplace they want to be, which is asleep in their comfortable beds, and someplace they don’t want to be, which is frequently a workplace of some kind.


It is the dependability of breakfast that helps them in this transition, a reminder that no matter how bleak things look first thing in the morning, there is always a rock of stability there, waiting for them.


This is why, to be someone’s very good friend, it is the ideal time to hit them smack in the forehead with a surprise.


Our surprise starts with vegetables. Here, you know that something is up, because despite their nutritious nature, vegetables are not usually considered a breakfast food. They are a food that comes about later in the day, perhaps as early as a raw crudite plate over brunch, or reflected as a salad or ingredients in soup for lunch.


Which vegetables shall we use? Let us start by cutting a summer squash into bite-sized pieces, slicing a red onion and chopping up some kale and red pepper. Crumble a few broccoli florets until they, too, are bite-sized. You can also use broccoli stem chunks.


Sauté these in heated olive oil with minced garlic until all are soft and the kale has gone limp. It is inadvisable to eat kale that has not gone limp, for it will be tough and chewy.


Once these have been appropriately heated, on a different skillet begin to soften a tortilla over medium heat. A few minutes and it will be malleable and loose. Over this warm tortilla, spread a thin layer of mozzarella cheese. Allow that to melt and then scoop your warmed softened vegetables on top, along with a handful of chopped tomatoes. On top of that, place another thin layer of cheese, but skip the mozzarella and opt for shredded or shaved Parmesan.


Roll each side over the top of the tortilla and pinch in the sides. Heat on both sides long enough for the tortilla to lightly brown and become a little stiff.


Try to time placing this on the plate of the unsuspecting person right about the time they come to the table for breakfast. They will look at it, and think to themselves, “Oh, a breakfast burrito, how nice.” They will imagine scrambled eggs and browned sausage, perhaps some jalapeno pepper and red onion and cheddar cheese. Or, at least some kind of cheese that is orange in color. They will think of Mexican flavors as they cut it open and instead find that what they thought would be laden with meat and meat-related foods is instead stuffed with vegetables.


Their first reaction will be to reach for the table to steady themselves. Then, they will grab a cup of coffee in hopes that sanity can be found in the sweet, sweet arms of caffeine.


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