At a typical high school keg party, Clay Bender is confronted with the presence of unimaginable evil. For reasons he cannot possibly explain, demonic activity has become visible to him.

Clay, along with his two best friends - Murphy Soles and Kyla Spears - flees the scene, but not before a fiery confrontation with one of the demons leaves a permanent scar.

Clay tells no one what he saw, not even Murphy and Kyla, but from that night forward, he completely changes his lifestyle in the hope that this will keep him from ever again experiencing what happened that night.

And for 20 years, it works. But now, Clay's ominous gift has returned. Not only does he experience a repeat confrontation with the same demon who burned him during the first experience, he also observes a group of demons who appear to be imprisoned in the park across the street from his house.

As Clay tries to make Murphy and Kyla understand what is happening, and to understand it himself, their hometown experiences a series of unexplained electrical disturbances, leading to bizarre accidents and setting the community on edge. Suspecting that the demons are connected to the incidents, and fearing they have a much bigger end game in mind, Clay and his friends develop a spiritual game plan, even as each of them is forced to confront demons in their own lives.