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July 11, 2008

Jesse Jackson Is Right: Obama Does Talk Down to Black People


For seemingly the first time ever, Jesse Jackson has actually given an apology instead of demanding one.


What happened? While waiting for an interview, a microphone caught him whispering: “See, Barack’s been talking down to black people on this faith-based . . . I wanna cut his nuts off. Barack, he’s talking down to black people.”


And for what also seems to be the first time ever, Jesse Jackson is correct. Not about the castration, of course, that’s wrong and probably illegal in most states. (And can anyone explain how advocating privates-chopping is better than saying “nappy-headed hoes”?)


But despite having many, many things to apologize for, Jackson has apologized in part for the rare true thing he has said during his career – that Barack Obama talks down to black people.


As expected, Obama’s people have gone nuts – err – crazy after hearing Jackson’s comments. Even Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., Jackson’s own son and national co-chair of Obama’s campaign, attacked his father, saying, “I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric.”


Ouch! But here’s the gem from Junior’s statement about his father: “He should keep hope alive.”


After all those of years of hard work, Jesse Jackson has single-handedly killed hope! One might deduce that this is because Jackson threatened Obama’s ability to have a son to inherit the Hope Throne. But hopefully that’s not what he meant.


Besides, Obama has two beautiful daughters who can grow up, work for decades in public service, and legitimately earn the Democratic nomination only to lose it at the last minute to a mediocre three-year senator who can make good speeches.


But despite the outrage reaching even Jackson’s own son, not everything Sr. said was bad. The part about talking down to black people, in fact, was quite on point. Of course, patronizing minorities has always been the business of Democratic politicians in general, and especially white Democrats such as Barack Obama.


Oh! You didn’t see that coming, did you? But you also realize it’s just as legitimate as calling him black, which you’ve personally done repeatedly. In fact, being raised by white people probably breaks the tie in favor of white. But I digress.


Democrats want to take us back to the welfare state, where the poor, including many blacks, are expected to neither work nor achieve anything beyond the lowest of expectations.


Democrats want to maintain affirmative action policies that are not based on socio-economic background, but purely on race. In other words, it doesn’t matter if a black student is rich, has highly educated parents or went to a top magnet school. To those who patronize black Americans, all black students need special help in order to be capable of competing with whites.


Democrats do not trust black parents with choosing the schools that are best suited for their children. Instead of supporting school choice, they force poor black children to remain in failing schools that are blocked from progress by self-interested teachers unions.


Democrats embrace abortion policies that proportionately kill off more black babies than babies of any other race, and justify their position by saying that abortion has reduced crime rates. (Or do they mean black children from poor families?)


The fact of the matter is, the Democrats have done nothing – absolutely nothing – for the blacks they take for granted at the polls every year. And Obama is absolutely no different from any other Democrat on where he wants to take black Americans.


So when he goes to black communities and gives speeches in front of black crowds, promising to adopt the same policies that have kept so many black Americans down and powerless, he is talking down to them. And when he implies that he understands what they go through because he is one of them, he is very much talking down to them. But unfortunately, it is the road he decided to take in his aim to become the 44th white president of the United States.

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