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March 31, 2008

One Hundred Columns Later


In late 2005, after having written opinion pieces for years, I became syndicated with North Star Writers Group. And today, I write my 100th syndicated column. What better can I do to celebrate, I thought, than to revisit some of my best work among my 99 last columns? So, without further ado, I present to you some of Paul Ibrahim’s most memorable columns to date:


On December 28, 2005, for my very first column, I wrote “By All Means, Monitor My Arabic Conversations,” in which I complained about those who sought to use me for their own political purposes. I made my position clear: “I heartily accept the risk of letting the U.S. government know what brand of hummus I am purchasing, if such an inconvenience is part of intelligence procedures that will ensure the survival of the greatest nation in the planet’s history.”


On September 20, 2006, I wrote “Chafee: A Symptom of the GOP’s Incumbency Disease,” which corresponded with the period during which I became increasingly disaffected with the Republican Party. Indeed I was later proven correct (as I indicated in “I Told You Lincoln Chafee Wasn’t a Republican”) when Lincoln Chafee left the GOP and endorsed Barack Obama, even though John McCain had helped him survive a grueling primary in 2006.


On September 27, 2006, I penned “History’s Nicest Imperialist Power,” one of my all-time personal favorites. I used Hugo Chavez’s words to conclude that “for an imperialist, hegemonic power led by the devil himself, we’re really not that bad.”


On January 8, 2007, I wrote “The House Non-Intelligence Committee,” in which I condemned new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for appointing Congressman Silvestre Reyes to the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee, even though he did not know what religion Al Qaeda adhered to, nor what Hezbollah even was. It is nauseating that this man was, and continues to be, in a position that is supposed to help keep our country and world safe.


On January 29, 2007, I authored “Sorry, Hugo, Jesus Is No Socialist,” where I once and for all dismissed the left-wing insistence that Jesus was a socialist. From God’s perspective, I noted, a man’s willing donation is a Christian act, whereas the forced taxation of that man is hardly so.


On February 26, 2007, I wrote “You’ve Already Been Repaired, Jesse,” taking it upon myself to remind Jesse Jackson that he has received his reparations by virtue of being born in the United States. Besides, I indicated, the black community is not the only one that has suffered in the past.


On March 5, 2007, I wrote “Mexican Hypocrisy Really Crosses the Line,” where I admonished the Mexican government for its hypocrisy and lack of ethics. This column goes hand in hand with “Have Fun in Mexico, Elvira Arellano,” which exhibits even more outrageous behavior on behalf of Mexican leadership.


On March 19, 2007, when things were still looking relatively bleak in Iraq, I pleaded that Americans “Give Iraq a Chance.” At least the Bush administration did, and for this reason, we are seeing tremendous progress in Iraq today.


On May 28, 2007, I wrote “Why Lebanon Matters,” explaining the importance of the small but strategic Middle Eastern country. A few months later, I wrote “U.S. Support Needed for Western-Style Democracy in Lebanon” from Lebanese soil, addressing some of the same issues with a local viewpoint.


On May 21, 2007, I penned “Non-Interventionism Ruins Ron Paul’s Run,” which also proved to be my first true exposure to the, oh how you say, “spirited” Ron Paul phenomenon. I had never received so much negative feedback from right-wingers (although they still did not supersede the vitriolic criticism I have received from the radical left). That said, I was right – although most true conservatives agreed with much of Ron Paul’s domestic policies, they were not willing to take a chance on his non-interventionist naïveté.


On July 16, 2007, however, I wrote something that the Ron Paul revolutionaries should enjoy, in “Making It Without the Help of Nanny State.” Indeed, this one sits near the top of the works I am most proud of having produced.


On October 29, 2007, as election season was kicking into high gear, I authored “The Myth of Rudy Giuliani’s Electability,” which was one of my finest conventional-wisdom-busting columns that I love so much. When my prediction that Rudy Giuliani would get nowhere materialized, I continued to shoot down the erroneous justifications for his loss that came from those same people who had previously called the race for Giuliani. I short, I pointed out that “Rudy Giuliani Lost Because He Was No Conservative.”


On November 12, 2007, I wrote “If America’s Image Is So Bad, Why Do Pro-Americans Like Sarkozy Keep Getting Elected?” This column pointed out the scarcely publicized fact that our democratic allies are overwhelmingly opting for pro-American and conservative leaders, despite local liberals’ insistence that President Bush has turned the world against us. For this reason, the column received significant national attention.


And finally, on February 18, 2008, I wrote “Let Me Explain, My Liberal Friends: Here’s Why We Seek a Reaganite,” which sought to clarify the mysterious concept of Reagan conservatism and the search for a Reaganite president to those on the other side of the aisle.


There are many more columns worthy of being mentioned. As always, however, I am limited by word and time limits. But these, my friends, are columns that are both memorable and that have continued to be relevant today. I can only hope that in some way, they are helping make a more moral, peaceful and prosperous world.


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