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October 8, 2007

Go Get Those Phony Soldiers, Rush Limbaugh


There is nothing more mesmerizing than watching Democratic leaders launch a massive, organized, yet groundless assault against a conservative for supposedly doing something they are usually guilty of doing themselves.


One example of this is the Democrats’ primary talking point on Iraq: “We should withdraw from Iraq because it has only been a distraction from the real war on terror!” Terrorists, apparently, are everywhere in the world except for Iraq.


This is a classic example of how Democrats use any opportunity they can to assign their own weaknesses to Republicans – in this case, feebleness in the face of terror. It serves a double purpose – it argues that Republicans are weak on terror, and at the same time professes that Democrats would so focus all of their energy on fighting global terrorism if only they had the presidency (something they conveniently can’t prove right now).


Radio giant Rush Limbaugh has now also fallen victim to this tactic by the left. On his talk show a few days ago, he was talking about individuals who claimed to have fought in Iraq and who criticized the war and the actions of our men and women on the ground. These individuals have now been uncovered as people who were lying about their status in the military and in Iraq, who never served in Iraq, and who were merely operating within the anti-war machine to spread false propaganda in the media.


So, as he should, Limbaugh referred to those people as “phony soldiers.” And of course, the only thing that certain Democrats, obsessed with dragging down the country’s leading conservative radio personality, chose to hear were the words “phony soldiers.”


Since the word got out that Limbaugh supposedly referred to all anti-war soldiers as “phony soldiers,” congressional Democrats have gone absolutely pretend-berserk. They have not faked such outrage ever since they feigned fury about how Republicans have let the Iraq war distract us from the real war on terror.


Congressional Democrats spent much of their time on Capitol Hill in the last few days chiding Limbaugh for calling fake soldiers “phony soldiers.” They even got together and signed a letter to the CEO of the company that airs Limbaugh’s show, suggesting that one of the country’s biggest supporters of the military is “unpatriotic.”


They know full well that Limbaugh never insulted any real soldiers. They know that Limbaugh probably supports the troops more than most congressional Democrats combined. They just need something – anything – to distract Americans from the Democratic leadership’s own failings on military support, much in the same way they have managed to divert attention from their own neglect of the global conflict against apocalyptic radicalism.


Congressional Democrats are trying to distract us from the fact that only a few weeks ago, MoveOn.org, a major supporter of their party, blatantly used a page in the New York Times to call General David Petraeus a traitor, insulting him and the tens of thousands that serve under him. More Senate Democrats refused to vote against a resolution condemning MoveOn for this sickening stunt than voted for it, and none of the four Democratic senators running for president voted for the resolution, preferring instead to maintain healthy relations with the MoveOn crowd.


Congressional Democrats are trying to distract us from the fact that their last presidential candidate, John Kerry, less than a year ago said, “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”


But calling U.S. troops dumb and lazy isn’t that bad compared to what Kerry has said in the past. Upon getting back from Vietnam, Kerry accused his fellow soldiers (who by and large have disowned him for his lies) of behaving in a cruel, ferocious manner on the ground – much in the same way those phony soldiers Limbaugh was talking about were creatively fabricating attention-grabbing propaganda supposedly coming from the ground in Iraq.


Congressional Democrats are trying to distract us from the fact that Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin has compared the actions of American men and women in uniform to those of “Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings.”


Congressional Democrats are trying to distract us from the fact that only a few months ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the ultimate show of support for our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in Iraq, declared the war “lost.”


Congressional Democrats have hurt U.S. soldiers, and very much so. It is understandable that they have a lot to make up for. But they must understand that the way to do this is not to forcefully drag down conservatives to their level, but instead to lift themselves up. And if they don’t know how to show respect for the troops, that’s fine. They can listen to Rush Limbaugh now and then. He would be happy to give them a lesson or two.


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