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Eats & Entertainment is North Star Writers Group's Wednesday lifestyle package. It features TV, DVD, book and movie reviews, packaged with our weekly food column from our crazed culinary columnist, the Laughing Chef.

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DVD REVIEW: The Foot Fist Way - October 29, 2008


Palin Proves It: Anti-Establishment Saturday Night Live Is Now the Establishment - October 22, 2008


FILM REVIEW: City of Ember Will Burn Brightly With Kids - October 15, 2008


FILM REVIEW: An American Carol Will Make You Laugh, If You’re Willing - October 8, 2008


Sorry, Hugh Laurie, But House Hits Too Close to Home These Days - October 1, 2008


DVD REVIEW: The Onion, Unpeeled - September 24, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Burn After Reading Follows the Coen Brothers Tradition - September 17, 2008


If Russell Brand is the Counterculture’s Best, It’s All Over - September 10, 2008


FILM REVIEW: College Gross, Gratuitous . . . and Good - September 3, 2008


FILM REVIEW: House Bunny Does One Thing Well - August 27, 2008


DVD REVIEW: My Blueberry Nights Beautiful, But Bizarre - August 20, 2008


Swingtown: Bruce, Susan, Tom and Trina, You’ve Swung Your Way Into Our Hearts - August 13, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Kevin Costner’s Swing Vote an Election Year Winner - August 6, 2008


FILM REVIEW: X-Files: I Want to Believe Leaves Cursing X-Philes Wanting More - July 30, 2008


Patriots Still Team to Beat, but the Chargers Could Win It All - July 23, 2008


DVD REVIEW: Persepolis a Poignant Persian Tale - July 16, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Hancock – One Half Too Long - July 9, 2008


The Best Show on TV: Cory in the House - July 2, 2008


DVD REVIEW: Even Talented Steve Buscemi Can’t Save Interview - June 25, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Incredible Hulk Reboots to a Better Start - June 18, 2008


Norm and Cliff Make Last Comic Standing Rise to New Heights - June 11, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Good Execution, No Sap for Sex and the City - June 4, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - May 28, 2008


DVD Review: Romance & Cigarettes a Noble Failure (Emphasis on Failure) - May 21, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Redbelt Can’t Make Up Its Mind What It Is - May 14, 2008


Yes, I Let My Two-Year-Old Watch TV - May 7, 2008


DVD REVIEW: I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With - May 3, 2008


Miley Cyrus is Not Your Kids’ Role Model - April 30, 2008


BOOK REVIEW: Swim Against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow - April 26, 2008


FILM REVIEW: The Eminently Forgettable Forgetting Sarah Marshall - April 23, 2008


CD REVIEW: Genesis Live Over Europe 2007 - April 16, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Nim’s Island Jodie Foster’s Show to Steal - April 9, 2008


Just Another Day in Paradise Hotel  - April 2, 2008


FILM REVIEW: Drillbit Taylor Needs More Grounding, Less Silliness - March 26, 2008


BOOK REVIEW: ‘Unitary Executive’ Theory Doesn’t Hold Water - March 19, 2008


DVD Review: Into the Wild Could Have Been Great - March 12, 2008


Jack Bauer, Management Guru - March 5, 2008


St. Patrick’s Day Can Wait, Because Big Bang Theory is Back - February 27, 2008


FILM REVIEW: ‘Jumper’ Misses the Mark - February 20, 2008


DVD Review: Romance Gets Political in “Blue State” - February 13, 2008


Invoking God's Name to Change the World; BOOK REVIEW: 'The Moses Code' by James F. Twyman - February 6, 2008


Food Network Is For Me: All Other Reality TV Can Bite Me! - January 30, 2008


FILM REVIEW: ‘There Will Be Blood’ - January 23, 2008


DVD REVIEW: Is ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ Real Action or Comic Farce? - January 16, 2008


Is Your Jesus Too Small? BOOK REVIEW: ‘Seeing Gray – In a World of Black and White’ by Rev. Adam Hamilton - January 9, 2008


Tila Tequila Inspires Some Adventure in this 34-Year-Old Mom - January 2, 2008



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