Many years ago, Lucifer, one of the highest-ranking of God's created angels, attempted to lead a rebellion and ascend to the throne of God himself. He managed to persuade a third of all the angels to join with him in this rebellion.

They lost.

Cast out of Heaven and hurled to Earth, these spiritual beings found themselves relegated to a miserable existence of frustration, bitterness and rage against God and his creation. Taking up residence in the "heavenly realms," they seek to devour and destroy God's people for one reason: They desire revenge against the God who defeated their insurgency and expelled them from paradise, and they get it by separating his people from his love, his power and his blessings.

The demons' primary tactic in this war is simple: They don't destroy people. They incite people to destroy themselves. The willing victim gives himself or herself over to all kinds of lies, indulgences, hatred and foolishness. Some are so vulnerable to these snares that the demons can even take possession of their bodies. When that happens, the demons' ability to wreak havoc is frighteningly enhanced.

The typical human being is completely unaware of any of this, although some have the gift on spiritual discernment. And in Powers and Principalities, one person, Clay Bender, can see it all with his own eyes.