Dan Calabrese was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan, where he attended Shrine Grade School and fell short of superstardom in the Royal Oak Baseball Federation.

Since 2005, Dan has served as editor in chief, as well as one of the columnists, for North Star Writers Group, which launched The North Star National in September 2009. Dan's commentaries for The National appear alongside well-known journalists and media personalities such as Bob Franken, Herman Cain and Jamie Weinstein.

Since 1998, Dan has served as an Adult Bible Fellowship teacher at Woodview Christian Church in Wyoming, Michigan, where he is also a past elder and current leader of the youth group Toma Club, which he and his wife founded with the help of their friend, the "real-life Baretta" David Toma. In his teaching, Dan places heavy emphasis on spiritual warfare and on the power of the Holy Spirit to empower God's people and overcome evil.

Dan currently lives in Wyoming, Michigan, with his wife, Angie, and their son, Tony. He would love to have you as a fan on Facebook.