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Dan Calabrese has been a professional writer for more than 25 years, and has plied his trade as an agency owner, journalist, columnist and author.
Today, he works exclusively as a freelance writer helping agencies, companies and organizations who just need to get the words right. He probably won't spend much time in your office, but don't worry. He does his best work where the grass is green and the sun is shining.
'Dan's turnaround is quick and it's amazing how well he delivers the message.'
Ann Willets
Utopia Communications
Eatontown, New Jersey
'Dan is wonderfully creative and versatile.  Hes been an important part of our team for one of our largest clients.'
Michelle Soyars
Vice President
Vela Marketing and Public Relations
Greensboro, North Carolina
'When we roll out a new service or a technology advancement, Dan helps us develop the strategy and delivers a well-written announcement every time, usually well ahead of schedule.'
Steve Cartwright
Chief Operating Officer
American Payment Systems
Omaha, Nebraska