20 years ago, at a high school party, teenager Clay Bender's eyes were inexplicably opened to the true nature of spiritual evil. The things God revealed to him were so terrifying, he changed his entire life to ensure he would never see them again.

But now, he is seeing them again.

And as much as he hates his ominous spiritual gift, Clay cannot ignore the signs that the spiritual powers of the air are converging for an all-out assault on his hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan.

With the help of his two closest friends, an intriguing woman and the nearly forgotten pastor who baptized him long ago, he must find a way to stop them before the entire community perishes - and before his own personal demons vanquish him first.

Listen to Dan's interview on WLQV Radio, Salem Communications, April 27, 2010

Listen to Dan's interview on WGVU Radio (Jan. 15, 2010)

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